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About Untold

Untold offers a unique range of programs to children, young people and adults when it comes to practicing art disciplines in the field of African dance styles, music, theater forms and art.

Untold believes in the importance of making young people in general, and Afro Dutch youth in particular, aware of their collective identity, history and perspectives for the future. In order to become an autonomous citizen, it is important that young people know who they are and how to strengthen their position in society. Untold focuses on empowerment, talent development, cultural education and professional productions.

What We Do

Untold develops programs in the field of education, talent development in the field of dance and theater, empowerment projects and exchange projects both locally and internationally. Untold believes it is important to make young people of African origin aware of their identity, their history and their prospects for the future. We find it important that young people in Dutch society know what they stand for and where they want to go by understanding where they came from and who they are.

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